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What is my Library ID number?

If you are on the Baldwin City campus, your Library ID number is located on the bottom of your Baker University ID card.

If you are located at one of the other Baker campuses or are enrolled in an online program, your Library ID number has either been provided to you on a card or through email.

What if I haven't received or can't find my Library ID number?

Your Library ID number is available in your MyBaker portal account. The Library ID number is located under My Profile > My Information > Additional Information.

MyBaker Portal Screen Shot
Note: Not all MyBaker Portal Accounts look like the image above, but the steps are the same Also, Baldwin City campus patrons are still required to have their Baker University ID card in order to check out materials.

If you still can not find your Library ID number , please send an email through your Baker email account (,, etc.) to the reference desk or, if needed immediately, call us at 785.594.8414 during business hours.


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